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Exmormon Foundation 2010 Conference

PERCEPTIONS: Patriarchy, Politics & Personal Peace

Oct 15-17, 2010


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Welcome, Introduction, and Greetings



Saturday October 16 Topic:

Jeff Sharlet is an American journalist and author best known for writing about religious subcultures in the United States. He is the author of "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power" (Harper, 2008), a national bestselling narrative history. He is also a contributing editor for Harper's and Rolling Stone and his work has appeared in The Washington Post, Mother Jones, New York, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Columbia Journalism Review, among others. Jeff's "other job" is as assistant professor of creative nonfiction at Dartmouth College. He has recently completed a collection of essays titled "What They Wanted", is working on a short book about love, guns, and democracy to be published by Little, Brown, and is editing an anthology of literary journalism about American religion for Yale University Press, tentatively titled "American Religion: A History in Pieces". Jeff's father is Jewish and his mother Pentecostal!

Saturday October 16 "Will the Real Joseph Smith Please Stand Up"

Jim Whitefield is an international author who has published a series of three books under the title "The Mormon Delusion" in a hard hitting analytical expose' of the truth behind the Mormon Church. Jim converted, along with his mother at age fourteen and was a Church member for 43 years before resigning his membership. Church service included a two-year mission, being a young Branch President, Elder's Quorum President twice, District Councilman, Adult SS Teacher several times, Stake High Councilor for over 15 years, Stake YM Pres (8 yrs) and Stake CES Institute teacher (6 yrs) simultaneously. Other callings include Stake Public Affairs, Temple officiator, and Welfare Services Regional Agent. Jim and his first wife Jan, who died of breast cancer in 2001, dutifully had a family of 11 children, 8 of whom are living. Six are still active Church members. Jim's "real" job was as a National Sales Director in Financial Services, and retired in 2006. He lives with his second wife, Catriona, in Norfolk, England

Saturday October 16 Dancing on the Head of a Pin

Pamela McCreary is an award-winning author, actor, television producer and keynote speaker. Professionally, Pamela has run the gamut of experience: acting (over 100 television and radio commercials), writing (award-winning author of Out of the Shadows), Managing Editor of Denver's Life Magazine, and producer of the award-winning Three Perfect Days series for United Airlines.

Her memoir, Dancing On The Head Of A Pin, has just been released by Ghost Road Press: In this inspiring memoir, Pamela McCreary recounts with refreshing honesty her life inside the somewhat secret world of Mormonism. Raped at nineteen, she was certain it was her punishment for disobedience, and so attempted to design a righteous, and thereby, safe life. Married at the age of twenty-one in the Mormon Temple in Washington D.C., McCreary embarks on a life of motherhood and homemaking. Hoping to find security and fulfillment, she turns her back on the over-riding passion of her life. In the process, she loses herself, her religion, and the love she desires above all. McCreary's journey of reclamation, reconciliation, and faith is both poignant and funny - and a testament to the healing power of love.

This is a story for anyone who has ever lost hope and heart, and Pamela tells the truth, all the truth, and nothing but the truth about her "one-step forward, one-step back" journey away from the Mormon church and toward her real self. Through it all, she learned how to fight those old victim feelings that are familiar to so many of us. She will share strategies and practices for reclaiming your power and stepping to your authentic life.

Saturday October 16 "Good Works in a Post-Mormon World"

Jean Bodie was born in Dorset, England in 1944 and joined the LDS Church in 1967. She immigrated to Canada the following year, and now lives in the Edmonton area with her husband Jim. During Jean's years as a faithful member of the church she served mainly with youth in Young Women's, seminary and Sunday school. Other callings include RS presidency and teacher. She also served as a temple ordinance worker and temple cleaning supervisor. Jean and Jim served in the South Africa Cape Town Mission from April 2002 - Sept. 2003. This experience, and in particular some serious injuries sustained in an auto accident their 2nd day "in-country", opened Jean's mind about many issues regarding the church. Jean and Jim returned to Africa under their own auspices in 2005 to help people start small businesses using the micro credit system as taught by BYU. She has 5 children and 12 grandchildren.

Since officially leaving the church in 2007, Jean has been actively involved in the ex-Mormon community, assisting those who struggle with adjusting to life outside the church. Just over a year ago, she also became involved with the Stephen Lewis Foundation's Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign --raising funds to help sub-Saharan grandmothers who are caring for their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren in destitute circumstances. She returned in May 2010 from a visit to Johannesburg Projects and the first ever conference for African grandmothers held on African soil. She served as one of 42 delegates, representing 240 fund-raising grandmother groups across Canada. Her position with her local group is that of advocacy -- amplifying the African women's voices.

In the Shadow of the Temple
Saturday October 16

Viewing of documentary film, "In the Shadow of the Temple", which had it's world premier at the Foundation Conference in 2009. Buy the film here.

Tal Bachman
Saturday October 16 "You Can Thrive Outside the Hive: A New Paradigm for Developing Sanity, Serenity and Self after Mormonism"

Tal Bachman is an internationally recognized singer-songwriter and former Mormon. He won two Juno awards (the Canadian equivalent of Grammy awards) for his debut album, including one for his hit single, "She's So High". He has appeared on numerous television shows, including "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", the American Music Awards (where he presented an award with Britney Spears), and "Melrose Place", and has also been profiled in publications like "Rolling Stone" and "USA Today. He was also featured in the PBS Frontline documentary "The Mormons", as well as Bill Maher's satirical look at religion, "Religulous", in which he discussed the difficulties in leaving the Mormon church.

Tal took a break from the music business following his exit from Mormonism, instead concentrating on trying to help his large family make the transition into normal life (Tal and his ex-wife are the parents of eight children). He is now working on several new projects, including a new solo album, a documentary series about music, and a comedy radio show.

Coffeehouse Musicians
Sunday October 17 Music and the Spoken Word

Shane Jackman

With half a million miles and over a thousand concerts in the rearview mirror, Highway Records recording Artist Shane Jackman is the consummate performer. Surpassing 150 concerts a year in the college theaters, festivals and grass roots halls, Shane has amassed a substantial national following. He has shared the stage with some of the worlds most celebrated artists.

As a recording artist, each of Shane Jackman’s 5 albums has garnered praise and critical acclaim industry wide, even spending well-earned time on the Americana Top 40 charts. “These are songs to be envisioned and tasted and felt, and the only thing better than this CD would be Jackman and his friends around your campfire.” (Acoustic Guitar Magazine)

David Jorgensen

Born and raised in Cedar City to a devout Mormon family, David Jorgensen was a rebel without a cause until he became an ex-Mormon in the early nineties. Since then, he has seized every opportunity to educate people on the dangers of spiritual dependence on Mormonism. He has immersed his life in the field of personal empowerment and has written an extensive body of music on human behavioral themes. David speaks and performs at motivational conferences as well as maintaining a classical guitar repertoire and, most recently, his band “Ninadavo” with upcoming singer/songwriter Christina Osborn and his daughter Ali Jorgensen. He has recorded two classical guitar Christmas CDs, two children’s CDs and his solo CD “Life Survival.” David will be performing his songs about the histories of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

McCall Erickson

McCall Erickson is part singer-songwriter, part storyteller, and part comedian who knows how to hold an audience in the palm of her hand. With her emotionally candid songwriting style and her sultry, passionate vocals, she draws people in with inescapable creative force. While on stage she shares her songs, stories, and silliness to inspire people to live their most authentic lives. Her performances range from whimsically comical to heart piercing tearjerkers. She segues beautifully from singing about her best friend's stolen car, being a waitress in a noisy restaurant, and hilarious relationship dysfunctions to deeper issues such as grief, disillusionment, and spiritual freedom. Her refreshing lyrics, colorful vocals, and relatable songs have drawn comparisons to Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco. McCall independently released her debut album “Beautiful Place” in June of 2008 and has made appearances on KJZZ TV, KUTV 2, and KRCL 90.9FM, as well as performing on many festival stages and in various listening rooms across the country. She's also an avid Facebooker, nature lover, and green smoothie addict. Find out more at

Peter and Mary Danzig

Peter and Mary Danzig are former members of the LDS church who resigned after Peter was threatened with excommunication for his views on homosexuality and ecclesiastical abuse within the church. Prior to their resignation from the LDS church they both served full time proselytizing missions, and were founding members of the Orchestra at Temple Square, performing in that calling for seven years. Peter is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked as a therapist, and currently works as the Program Coordinator for Medical Outreach Case Management at the infectious diseases clinic at the University of Utah. Mary Danzig has degrees in violin performance from BYU and the University of Utah and maintains a private studio of violin students. Peter and Mary perform folk and original music under the stage name of Otter Creek and work as freelance musicians in a wide variety of styles.